LCD LED OLED TFT display modules.

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  • P10 led module controllerP10 led module controller

    P10 led module controller HD-U6A Display Controller Board

    LED Controller Card – 32*320 – Single Color – 2x HUB12 – USB Disk.led control card for led text display moving sign driving board

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  • 10 seagment bar graph led 001

    10 Segment Led Bargraph LED Light Display Multi colour

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    LED Display Module 10 Segment Bargraph Light Display Module Bar Graph Ultra Bright Red Yellow Green Blue Color Multi-color

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  • 1602 Blue LCD Module1602 Blue LCD 2

    1602 Blue LCD Module HD44780 16×2 Displays Characters

    This is 1602 LCD module. Which can display 16 characters 2 lines. This is very most used LCD module best for you project . It’s easily convert II2c just use one module

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  • 4 Bits Digital Tube LED Display TM1637

    4 Bits Digital Tube LED Display Module Clock Display TM1637

    The 4 Bits Digital Tube LED Display TM1637 module is a 12 foot with a clock point four common anode tube (0.36 in.) display module for driver IC TM1637, only two signal lines can make the MCU control 4 8 digital tube. 

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    Digital Voltmeter AMP Meter 1Digital Voltmeter AMP Meter

    Digital Voltmeter AMP Meter 0-100V 0-10A Dual Red/Blue

    0.28 inch Mini Digital Voltmeter Ammeter DC 100V 10A Panel Amp Volt Current Meter Tester 0.28″ Blue Red Dual LED Display 20mA

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    IIC/I2C Serial Interface Module For 1602 LCD DisplayIIC/I2C Serial Interface Module For 1602 LCD Display 02

    IIC/I2C Serial Interface Module For 1602 LCD Display

    IIC/I2C/TWI/SPI Serial Interface. As the pin resources of Arduino controller is limited, you may not be able to use normal LCD shield after connecting a certain quantity of sensors or SD card. However, with this I2C interface module, you will be able to realize data display with only 2 wires.

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  • MAX 7219 dot matrix module1MAX 7219 dot matrix module2

    MAX 7219 8X8 dot matrix module LED For Arduino & other

    This product is a serially driven 8×8 LED Matrix which powered by MAX7219.The 8×8 LED Matrix is easy to use and compatible with Arduino, only needs three data lines and two power lines. It can be used in lots of place like various types of electronic display panels. You can make your applications more vivid because of the LED brightness adjustment can be implemented in software. For the kit of this module

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  • Nokia 5110 LCD 001Nokia 5110 LCD 002

    Nokia 5110 LCD Module White Back light Adapter for Arduino

    Nokia 5110 LCD Display Module is a low-cost monochrome LCD module comprised of 84 X 48 pixels that can be used to display rich graphic and text content. Though it’s an industrial module, this LCD display is extremely easy to use. This module is a revision that accepts 3-5V input. So no extra level shifter is needed. To have full control, you just need 5 pins. And as a classic display module among open source communities,

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  • OLED 0.96″ Display Module I2C Display 128X64 OLED

    Three different colour types available Please make specify before place order

    This is a 0.96 inch OLED display module. The display module can be interfaced with any microcontroller using IIC protocols. It is having a resolution of 128×64. The package includes display board,display, 4 pin male header presoldered to board.

    OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) is a self light-emitting technology composed of a thin, multi-layered organic film placed between an anode and cathode. In contrast to LCD technology, OLED does not require a backlight. OLED possesses high application potential for virtually all types of displays and is regarded as the ultimate technology for the next generation of flat-panel displays.

    OLEDs basic structure consists of organic materials positioned between the cathode and the anode, which is composed of electric conductive transparent Indium Tin Oxide (ITO). The organic materials compose a multi-layered thin film, which includes the Hole Transporting Layer (HTL), Emission Layer (EML) and the Electron Transporting Layer (ETL). By applying the appropriate electric voltage, holes and electrons are injected into the EML from the anode and the cathode, respectively. The holes and electrons combine inside the EML to form excitons, after which electro luminescence occurs. The transfer material, emission layer material and choice of electrode are the key factors that determine the quality of OLED components.

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