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Arduino Project & Development Board For Atmega

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This is Arduino Project & Development Board For Atmega 328 & Atmega 8, 28pin MCU, Size 8x8cm approx, This Board made with Glass Epoxy FR4.Colour Blue.Best For your Project Prototype. this board comes without MCU. Its need to be purchased separately.

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Arduino Project & Development Board For Atmega

Applications of Arduino Development Board



Arduino Project & Development Board For Atmega is an unsoldered Board. You need to solder all the components yourself.
DIY kit for a programmer
FR4 Grade Board Blue colour Easy to solder.
All the components Come with it you just need to solder.
Extra points For Your Prototype 302 Points
On-Board Power LED & P13 Led indicator
ISCP header For programming Directly using programmer
Fixing Holes as per your requirement

Package Includes Bellow Components

1x Project Board
1X 7805 with  Heat Sink
2X LED (Green+Red)
1x 16 Mhz Crystal
1X 28Pin narrow base For MCU
2x Electrolytic capacitor  (220uf 25V & 100/uf 25V)
1X Mini Push Switch
2X 22pf Capacitor
1X 1nF
1X 40 pin male header
DC Jack L Type
2Pin Connector

Note: Input Voltage 9V to 15V Maximum 

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Weight 50 g


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