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High Voltage Generator 5000-10000 volts

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High Voltage Generator 5000-10000 volts.This consist an electric fence in the bat portion which has 5000-10,000 volts passing through them. This is not only mosquito repellent, it’s insect zapper. When a mosquito gets in contact the high voltage burns it. The inner circuit consists of battery, a charging unit, and a HV inverter circuit, which I’m going to describe here. It Can Use As mosquito killing Bat circuit

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High Voltage Generator 5000-10000 volts

High Voltage Generator 5000-10000 volts

Use as Mosquito Killer Bat circuit Replacement

Inbuilt Battery Charger

It can Run 4V Small SLA battery

DC Operational Voltage 3.6V to 5.0 V

Best for your DIY Projects

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Weight 35 g


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