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LA 4440 Audio Amplifier Boards 40W+40 W Dual IC

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Dual Chanel stereo 40 Watt audio amplifier board using very popularĀ LA 4440 IC

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LA 4440 Audio Amplifier Boards 40 W DIY Kit Board

Quality sound mini stereo board with all feature
DualĀ  IC board is made of a very quality component from the old stock of original ICs and Capicators..
Passive design, no ground loop at the end of the problem! And independent design with the shielded ground and audio signal ground completely separated, the clutter will not chaos string!
Power supply 12 V 2 -5 amp, Input / Output sound: 2 channel stereo
This Audio board also include bridge rectifier with capacitor so can be directly connected with the Transformer.

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Weight 150 g


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