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Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery 2400 Mah 3.7V 3C Rated

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Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery 2400 Mah 3.7V 3C Rated. It Is BIS Standard Battery Made By BAK. Capacity Actual as mention. Best For E-vehicle & Electric bike

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Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery 2400 Mah 3.7V 3C Rated

Product Details For BAK H18650CIL  BAK- A40

Product features and features1: long cycle life;2: 3C discharge rate
Charging Temperature0~45℃
Nominal capacity 2500mAh (0.2C)/2400mAh (1.0C)
Discharging Temperature-20 ~ 60℃
Nominal voltage:3.6V
Storage temperature
≤1 month: -20~60℃
≤3 months: -20~45℃
≤12 months: -20~25℃
≤60%RH Recharge every 6 months
Max charge voltage:4.2±0.03V (cut off charging current 24mA)
Humidity Range:85%
Discharge cut off voltage:2.75
Dimension65.1*18.5 (mm) Max
Standard charge current:0.2C
Max charge current:2400mA (at 25℃, not for cycle life)
Brand:BAKTH / Neutral / OEM
Standard dischrge current:0.2C
Warranty 1 Months
Max dischrge current:3C (25℃, not for cycle life)
Charging mode:CC/CV
Internal resistance≤35m (AC Impedance, 1000Hz)
Battery type:Li-ion
Cycle life:1000 cycles (≥80%)
Rechargeable or not:Yes
Application: Electric Vechicles

Package Include 

1 X H18650CIL  2400 MAh Battery


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Weight 55 g


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