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USB Charger DC-DC PFM Control 0.9-5V Boost module

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Mini PFM Control.On-board input voltage indicator.High conversion efficiency, maximum to 96%.Any DC voltage input 0.9V ~ 5V, output 5V DC voltage can be stable,
with two AA batteries input to the output current of 500-600MA, single AA battery power supply output current about 200MA On-board USB female, can supply power directly to the USB interface

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USB Charger DC-DC PFM Control 0.9-5V volt Boost module


  • input voltage: 0.9-5V DC
  • Output voltage: 5V DC
  • Output Current: 500-600mA
  • High conversion efficiency, maximum to 96%
  • Onboard power led indicator
  • With USB connector, this module could be used to power Cellphone, camera and other Digital Products.
  • Small dimension
  • PCB Size:34(mm) x 16.2(mm)



1 DIY a mobile power supply, only need one battery, you can output 5V voltage for your phone, MP3, MP4, PSP charger, very easy.

2 In order to power your electronic devices when your device needs 5V power supply, when you only have lithium battery, this module can be directly step-up to 5V, solve your problems.


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