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12V Sprayer Pump for Home, Agricultural, Garden Sprinklers

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12V Sprayer Pump for Home, Agricultural, Garden Sprinklers. Is light Weight very easy to carry any location. Input 12V DC to 14V DC

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12V Sprayer Pump for Home, Agricultural, Garden Sprinklers
Features: This pump is equipped with an automatic switch. If the pressure is too high, it will stop working. It has to overheat protection and can work for a long time. Small size but strong; low consumption & high efficiency; please note this pump must not be used in dirty water. You may install a sediment filter before the inlet. It cannot be used submersible. Applications (multi-purpose): sprayer, cleaning floor, carpet, car, air conditioner home use for garden sprinklers & shower agricultural purposes: spray for farm chemical, pesticide water taps in the boat, caravan or motor home increase piping pressure. 
housing material: tough abs win
voltage: dc12v power: 36w working current: 3a max output / suction / suction power: 5/min max pressure/ bursting pressure of water: 130 psi /7 bar.
Working: continuous heat resistance: 0°c~60° self-priming: 1m inlet: 10mm hose outlet: 18mm screw pump size: 16cm(l) x 10cm(b) x 5cm(h) pump weight: 0.6 kg note: bbrg, thermal protected. Auto on / off (the pump is equipped with an auto on / off switch, when the water output flow is closed the pump will automatically turn off, and vice versa when opened it will automatically turn on).

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