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PAM 8403 Micro USB with 2 Pcs 3inch Satellite Speaker

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PAM 8403 audio amplifier board with 2 speakers fully compatible with this board.

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PAM 8403 Micro USB with 2 Pcs 3inch Satellite Speaker

The motherboard adopts PAM8403 typical circuit design, adopts MICRO USB power supply (reserved wire bonding interface), which is very convenient to use a universal mobile phone charger for power supply. The resistor container part adopts standardized SMT process, and the design is simple and stable. The interface is Bluetooth audio receiving module, which can be easily DIY small. The Bluetooth speaker board can pick up 8 ohm 4 ohm small speakers for all frequency speakers or full range small speakers.


3 inch Satellite Speaker 5 Watt 4 ohm for Home Theater & PAM 8403. Sweton Genuine Speaker

Package Include

1-  1 pc PAM 8403 module with Micro USB PORT

2-  2 Pcs 3 inch Speaker


Additional information

Weight 500 g


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