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Sound Detection sensor Module For Arduino & other

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This is 4 pin sound detection module Vcc+ ,GND, AO, DO . This module detected the sound from source & send signal to micro-controller.

Best for DIY or school project

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Sound Detection sensor Module For Arduino & other

Product description: 

  • Main chip: LM393, electret microphone
  • Working voltage: DC 4 ~ 6V
  • Has the signal output instructions
  • Single signal output.
  • Effective signal output for low level.
  • Output low level and signal light will on when there has voice.
  • Can be used for sonic lamp, with photosensitive sensors act as sound and light alarm, also can be used in the occasion of voice control and sound detection.
  • Circuit boards output switch value.

For Tutorial Please click :- LInk 


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