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Temperature Humidity Sensor Module for ESP8266 ESP-01

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This module is mainly controlled by esp8266-01 / esp-01s, and DHT11 is the temperature and humidity sensor.The temperature and humidity of ESP8266 are uploaded to the server.Support 3.7 v-12v DC supply (3.7 v lithium battery).It can be used as a temperature and humidity collection node for smart home or IOT projects

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Temperature Humidity Sensor Module for ESP8266 ESP-01

Temperature Humidity Sensor Features:

* main control: esp-01 / esp-01s (this module does not include esp-01 / esp-01s)
* temperature and humidity sensor: DHT11
* working voltage: DC 3.7 v-12v (support for 3.7V lithium battery)
* measurement range: 20-90% RH 0 to 50 °
* accuracy of measurement: temperature: plus or minus 2 ° humidity + / – 5%



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