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6000 Mah 3.2 V Battery Pack with BMS circuit

306.80 Price Including GST

6000 Mah 3.2 V Battery 3C Rated Pack with BMS circuit. This is a battery pack with a two-pin female connecter. 32700 Battery 6000 Mah Lithium Fero Phospate
BIS Standard Grade A. It can be charge through 5V DC power

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6000 Mah 3.2 V Battery Pack with BMS circuit lithium Ferro phosphate

Description :

Actual Capacity as describing 6000 Mah 3.2 V lithium Ferro phosphate  Battery
Lithium-Ion Battery Inside Grade A
32700 LFP battery with BMS make it ready to use
No need additional Circuit just 5V Dc
Comes with Battery connecter Female
Actual Capacity
Size Р33mm X 70mm aprox 

Additional information

Weight 170 g


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