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CP2102 USB to TTL USB UART converter module 6 Pin

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Provides connection from USB on host computer to microcomputers or other TTL signal level accessories. The CP2102 Virtual COM Port (VCP) device drivers allow a CP2102-based device to appear to the PC’s application software as a COM port. Application software running on the PC accesses the CP2102-based device as it would access a standard hardware COM port

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CP2102 USB to TTL USB UART converter module 6 Pin

Tthe main chip CP2102, generate virtual serial port after installing the driver, Taking power, USB and elicit interface includes 3.3 V (< 40 ma), 5 V, GND, TX and RX, signal feet is 3.3 V, is logical

Send and receive, onboard status indicator lights, lights, right after install the driver state will Chang Liang lights, transceiver indicator light will flash when communication, the lower the baud rate, the higher brightness

Support from 300 BPS baud rate between ~ 1 MBPS

Communication format support:

  • 5,6,7,8 bits of data;
  • support 1,1.5, 2 stop bits.
  • odd, even, mark, space, none


DTR , RXD, TXD, +5V ,GND, 3V3

support operating system: Windows vista/xp/server 2003/2000, Mac OS X/OS ,Linux

The USB head for head, can be directly connected to computer USB port

SMD components for SMT process, the quality stable

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