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Mini Boost Module 5V/8V/9V/12V 1.5A From 2.5V – 3.7V

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It’s a Very tiny DC Boost module From input 2.5V to 3.7V & output 5V to 12V Fixed. you can get variable output through the output jumper. Very highly efficient boost module.

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Mini Boost Module 5V/8V/9V/12V 1.5A  From 2.5V – 3.7V

Multi-function mini boost module

Basic parameters

The output voltage can be set to 5V/8V/9V/12V, the default is 12V
Input voltage range: 2.5V~VOUT-0.5V
Output performance: Take 3.7V lithium battery input as an example, it can output 5V1.2A, 8V0.7A, 9V0.6A, 12V0.5A. Make sure that the input current and output current does not exceed 1.5A.

Voltage setting description

The front side of the PCB can be seen with the words A and B. The output voltage can be changed by using the soldering iron to change the pad on and off. In the following table, 0 means the pad is disconnected and 1 means the pad is connected.

A   B   VOUT

0   0   5V

0   1   8V

1   0   9V

1   1   12V

The pad next to the LED indicator can also be turned off to turn off the indicator.

Additional information

Weight 5 g


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