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Nickel Strip 5M 0.12x5mmx5m Pure Nickel

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It is generally used in the welding of battery points together to connect the batteries in combinations. These Nickel strips are popular because of their good performance while soldering as it gets soldered very quickly and easily with normal soldering metal with High tensile tension and Low resistivity.

They are mainly used in the manufacture of nickel-hydrogen batteries, lithium batteries, high magnification power tools batteries, laptop batteries, battery combination with HM.

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Nickel Strip 5M 0.12x5mmx5m Pure

5M 5mm x 0.12mm  Pure Nickel Strip Tape For Li 18650 Battery Spot Welding Compatible For Spot Welder Machine

Package Includes
5Mtr  0.12x5X5 Nickel Strip For Spot Welding

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Weight 20 g


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