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P10 led module controller HD-U6A Display Controller Board

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LED Controller Card – 32*320 – Single Color – 2x HUB12 – USB Disk.led control card for led text display moving sign driving board

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P10 led module controller HD-U6A Display Controller Board

HD-U6A LED display module controller specification:

Model No.:HD-U6A


Single color control pixels: Max 32*320

Dual color control pixels: Max  32*160

Communication: USB port

Interface: 2xT12

Operating Voltage:- 5V DC

Scanning way: 1/16,1/8,1/4, 1/2 scanning and static of monochrome/double color LED display

20 programs are available, which can be switched by buttons or remote control

JPG, BMP, GIF support

Support four partitions

Display mode: display in order, switched by the button or remote control

Display Effect:1.Text ,image,time,count,animated characters etc.

2.support the settings of program/area/custom borders

3.various action modes

4.over 40 special character effects

5.support simple animated characters

6.support hollow/stroked characters

7.support the background setting of area characters

HD2016 Operation manual V2.0

Additional information

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