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PVC Heat Shrink Sleeve 33mm For Battery Pack 1M

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One of the best ways to seal your battery is by using heat shrink. It can protect your battery from short circuits, seal your battery against the weather and add a professional look to your DIY battery.PVC heat shrink is great for battery use, but it can sometimes become brittle over time and begin to crack at the edges or at sharp corners. One method around this is to use multiple layers. This strengthens the heat shrink and adds a second line of defense if one layer should begin to crack. It also allows you to use multiple pieces of heat shrink perpendicular to each other to cover all six sides of a battery instead of just four sides, thus completely sealing your battery. Adding a thin layer of foam around your battery can also help prevent cracking of the heat shrink over time.

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PVC Heat Shrink Sleeve 33mm For Battery Pack 1M

33mm PVC Heat Shrink Sleeve For Battery Pack

Colour- Lime Green
Size – 33mm 1 Meter
Radial Shrinkage- 9% – 21% Depending on the Size

Material- Poly Vinyl Chloride

Tensile Strength- Greater-than or Equal 4000 Pa/m2


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Weight 50 g


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