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Temperature Switch KSD9700 250V 5A [N O]

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The KSD9700 250V 5A 40° C ~ 120° C Plastic Thermostatic Temperature Switch NC is a kind of thermostat which adopt the bimetal disc as the temperature sensing element.
The bimetal disc is in the free state and the contacts are closed when the electrical appliance is working in normal condition.

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Temperature Switch KSD9700 250V 5A [N O]

Part No: KSD9700
Temperature: 40~120 Degree Celsius
N.O./N.C.: (N.O.) Normally Open
Description: 5A250V temperature switch thermostat Thermal Protector

Product application
Be applicable to all kinds of home appliances and electronics products. Such as Electric Motors, Fluorescent Ballasts, Battery Chargers, Transformers, Solenoids, Heating pads, OA-Machines ETC.

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