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TPA3110 15w+15W with Bluetooth 4.2 Digital Stereo Amplifier

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Bluetooth 4.2 TPA3110 15w+15W Digital Stereo Audio Power Amplifier Board Module 12V-24V car for USB Speaker,Portable Speaker

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TPA3110 15w+15W with Bluetooth 4.2 Digital Stereo Amplifier

TPA3110 15w+15W board adopts the typical circuit of TPA3110 and adopts the single power supply with anti-reverse connection. Itis convenient to use the general adapter and switch power supply for its power supply.
Special interface is designed for bluetooth audio receiving module, with built-in 5V voltage stabilizing circuit, which can easily DIY  bluetooth speaker.
The output power is 15W X 2 (@16v), which can be connected with 8 ohms and 4 ohms.


Chip: TPA3110

Power supply: 8V-26V

Channel Type: Dual Channel

Output power: 2*15W

Output Match: 4-8 Ohm

Size: 60*44*15mm



USB Speaker,Portable Speaker,TV,DVD,Satellite Finder, navigator

Package Contents :
100% Brand New
1 x 12V-24V Bluetooth4.2 Digital Stereo Dual Channel Audio Power Amplifier AMP Board

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