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XT60 Bullet ConnectorsXT60 Bullet Connectors

XT60 Bullet Connectors Male Female Pair


These are high-current XT60 connectors commonly used in the RC hobby industry.

These connectors are made from high-temp nylon with gold-plated spring pins or sockets molded in. The shape of this generic XT60 prevents reverse polarity, and when plugged in the connection is super-solid.

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XT60 Bullet Connectors Male Female Pair

XT60 Bullet Connectors  Features:
Solid and durable.
Ensures high-amp connection.
Low resistance for high current capacity.
Superior technology suited to today\’s high power applications.
Ergonomically designed and easy to grip.
Easy to un-solder and reuse.
Used in RC battery and motor.

Condition: Brand New
Model: XT60
Color: Yellow (as picture)
Size: Approx. 23mm x 16mm
Material: Copper+PA66

Package Includes:
1 x XT60 Male Connectors-2pcs

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Weight 20 g


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