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3S 11.1V BMS Board Balance Version with Protection

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Banlance version 3S 11.1V 18650 Lithium battery protection Board 11.1V 25A BMS Lithium battery charging Board with protection

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3S 11.1V BMS Board Balance Version with Protection

3S 11.1V BMS Board Balance Version with Protection

Product Size: 56 * 45 * 4mm

Charging voltage: 12.6-13V

Equilibrium current:56mA

Quiescent Current:less than 30uA

Upper limit operating current: 25A

Upper limit instantaneous current: 22A

Overcharge voltage range:4.2V-4.3V

Over-discharge voltage range:2.45V-2.55V

Short circuit protection: protection, delay self-recovery.


Lithium iron phosphate battery can not be used for xenon lamp, hand drill battery pack, electric tool battery pack, electric fish battery pack, vacuum cleaner, sweeper battery pack, electric bicycle battery pack, baby car battery, 550 or more power motor , 1W fisheye LED light.

Suitable for: Massager battery pack, LED light backup power supply, 12V electronic products, solar street light battery pack, monitoring standby energy and other products.



1.Strictly according to the diagram wiring:OV(B-)、3.7V(B1)、7.4V(B2)、11.1V(B+),Do not intentionally short circuit.

2.After charging the line, charge it first, then there will be output.

3.When connecting 3 sets of batteries in series, please ensure that the voltage of each set of batteries is the same. If they are different, please fill each set of batteries separately and use them in series. In the discharge test, the group with the fastest voltage drop was a poor battery.


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