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Infrared Obstacle Sensor Module Frequency & Distance Adjustment

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This Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor returns a signal when it detects an object in range. The range of the sensor is around 2-40 cm is distance. It operates at 3.5 to 5 volts at around 20 milliamps. The Obstacle Avoidance Sensors usually come in two types – with 3 and 4 pins. The 3 pin version does not have the ability to be enabled/disabled. The 4 pin version has optional Enable pin. Infrared obstacle avoidance sensor is designed to detect obstacles or the difference in reflective services. One application is to help a wheeled robot avoid obstacles with a sensor to react to adjustable distance settings. This device has an infrared transmitter and receiver, that forms the sensor pair. The transmitter LED emits a certain frequency of infrared, which the receiver LED will detect.

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Infrared Obstacle Sensor Module Frequency & Distance Adjustment

The object is detected on output 0, output 1 not sensitive to time, directly with the IO port of the 3V and 5V microcontroller connected.
Detection distance 2-40cm, distance, good anti-jam. (Note: the infrared sensor can not detect all objects get the same distance, objects of different light reflectance colors of different objects near detected dark black short, 2-40cm sensor is measured against the white wall of)
This sensor made with black and white lines tracing the car without a black line on white paper, available in concrete The complex yellow environment like the black line patrol track. the black line around the slightly lighter color of the black can, eliminating the traditional moves, making the ambient arrangement simple.
The 3 to 6V sensor provides a wide range, suitable for 3V and 5V MCU systems.
With Enable, the EN terminal equals “1” when the sensor fails, equals “0” when it works. Skip the end cap of the sensor after the EN grounding plug (EN up to “0”). To use the EN pin when the jumper cap is removed.
The frequency adjustment potentiometer is used to adjust the carrier frequency of the infrared emission tube, the integration receiver 38KHZ, especially when the carrier frequency is sensitive. Resistor 502 transferred clockwise (that is, the launch tube at maximum and therefore with a resistance of the white wall tone 103, was transferred to the sensing distance the far so that the sensor in the best state
Operating voltage: DC 3.3V-5V.
Working current
: 20mAh Working temperature: -10’C ~ + 50’C Sensing
distance: 2 ~ 40cm
IO interface: 4 lines (- / + / S / EN)
Signal output: TTL level
Effective angle: 35 /> Size: 4.5 * 1.1cm (approx)
Here we use the obstacle avoidance module and 13 digital interface with LED to build a simple circuit, making the obstacle avoidance light, access the avoidance sensor to digital interface 3,

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