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isopropyl 99% alcohol for pcb cleaning mobile & Other 50 ml

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50 mi Spray Bottle of 99% pure isopropyl 99% alcohol for PCB cleaning mobile, LCD & other. net vol 50 ml with a spray bottle for better use.

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isopropyl 99% alcohol for pcb cleaning mobile & Other 50 ml

ALL PURPOSE ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL: ORILEY Isopropyl Alcohol is an ideal choice for use in various applications such as cleaning, sterilization, first aid and more owing to its 99.9% purity that offers all properties of isopropanol.
QUICK EVAPORATION: 99% of IPA evaporates cleanly and minimizes residual substances that makes a perfect for use in equipment sterilization, hand sanitization, & cleansing of integrated circuit adapters, computer chips, and circuit boards.
ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL USES: All-purpose cleaner, disinfectant, preservative, solvent, hand sanitizer. Also, it can be used as a coupling agent, degreaser, glass cleaner, ink or paint solvent for coatings & industrial processes.
SAFE & EFFECTIVE IPA: Our offered isopropyl alcohol is safe to use on non-porous surfaces, children’s/ baby equipment, food prep areas, appliances, furniture, sinks, glass, door knobs, floor cleaning, kitchen and bathroom surfaces.
ABOUT ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL: Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) C3H8O is a colorless liquid with 786 kg/m³ density. Its alternate names are Propan-2-ol, Isopropanol, Rubbing Isopropyl alcohol and sec-Propyl alcohol. Take as needed as per application needs.

Package Include:-
1X Isopropyl 50 ml spray bottle






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